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SDHV SpacePak, Unico & Hi-Velocity designs require unique rules & theory knowledge to complete accurate SDHV Manual J load calculations, Manual S equipment selection and SDHV Manual D duct design.  We are EXPERT SDHV HVAC Designers completing THOUSANDS of SDHV designs since 2005!

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SpacePak, Unico System & Hi-Velocity

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What are the best types of heating and cooling systems for residential homes? We believe superior heating and cooling is achieved with the high velocity mini-duct system. The leading high velocity air conditioning manufacturers in the United States are SpacePak ( and Unico Systems ( Some of the benefits of selecting small duct high velocity heating and cooling equipment are: low profile ductwork, 30% more humidity removal, smaller temperature gradients and easier to install than conventional HVAC systems.

SpacePak & Unico System Low Profile Ductwork

A SpacePak or Unico System high velocity AC provides greater humidity removal due to superior and efficient design of the SDHV cooling coils. Traditional HVAC cooling coils are half as thick as the Unico System or SpacePak cooling coils. Being twice as thick these SDHV AC coils, air movement from the conditioned space is much slower through the thicker cooling coil. This allows the hot air from the space to stay on the super cold high velocity air conditioning systems cooling coil longer. This results in up to 30% greater humidity removal. Lower indoor humidity creates an indoor environment that is perfectly comfortable. The SDHV comfort systems offered by Unico System and SpacePak have a lower sensible heat ratio at standard conditions and have 30% more moisture removal at steady state conditions, which results in a 10% lower relative humidity in the room.

SDHV Removes 30% MORE Relative Humidity (RH):  Less Humidity = More Comfort

Small duct high velocity (SDHV) heating and air conditioning are considered among the most energy efficient comfort air or hydronic systems available. High velocity HVAC systems offer high performance heating and air because of their unique high velocity ductwork. Installing smaller 2 inch flexible ductwork instead of bulky large sheet metal branches allows consistent air movement. No seams eliminate leaks while its flexible material reduces dust & mold accumulation. And the tubing’s small 2 inch diameter makes it easy to weave through walls, floors and ceilings making it easy to conceal within the architectural décor.

SDHV Provides Draft-Free, Even Temperatures

When a conventional system operates, it turns on and just dumps air into the room creating a temperature gradient up to a 6 degree difference in temperature across the conditioned space. Conventional central air systems merely drop cold air in at the ceiling; the distribution of cool air is haphazard, leading to over-cooling in some spots or drafts in others. Small Duct High Velocity technology uses an air principle called aspiration. Streams of air mix gently with existing air currents creating an even, draft free environment. This air aspiration net affect lowers the effective room temperature by 2 to 3 degrees. From room to room, floor to floor, and floor to ceiling, the temperature differential is no greater than 2 degrees from the thermostat set point.

The High Velocity Mini Duct System Matches ANY Décor

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SpacePak and Unico HVAC systems can be installed into either new construction or an existing structure, or in any home or small business regardless of structure design, age, size or type of construction. Less than 1/4 the size of traditional HVAC systems, small duct high velocity systems provides more square feet of built space. And the mini duct heating and air conditioning systems install in a fraction of the time as conventional sheet metal projects because of the sized-to-fit supply branches.

Small duct high velocity (SDHV) HVAC are perfect heating and air conditioning solutions for historic buildings, homes with radiant heat, open concept layouts, log cabins, lofts and additions. The discrete, non-invasive round or slotted outlets blend into any décor. With a wide range of wood or colored supply outlets, you will hardly notice any ceiling, floor or sidewall diffusers.

The High Velocity Mini Duct System is the PERFECT fit

The SDHV SpacePak and Unico System's flexible small duct system fits where other systems can't allowing the Architect, Builder, Designer and the Client, the ultimate in design flexibility.

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Savoy Engineering Group offers SDHV SpacePak & Unico System ACCA Manual J load calculations and ACCA Manual D duct designs. We are expert SDHV designers knowing all the SDHV design rules for both load calcs and high velocity ductwork sizing. We have performed thousands of Unico Systems and SpacePak HVAC designs since 2005.

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